Alpha Female. Ruthless Sadist. Reliable Psych. Professional Dominatrix in NYC.

She is always willing to take a risk... 

Past is in the past, present is for the future!   Stubborn, Brave, Creative and Real.

She never stops improving  Her unique,  Alpha Female instincts, by learning,  exploring and practicing always something new and different in BDSM and S&M Art of Pleasure and Pain. 

 "Mental, spiritual and psychological  chemistry connection are the only way to feel  free and finally completed.”

By making another step forward - you’ll never look back again. 


Dive into exclusive  Universe of  insanity and madness, that kept being looked, and let this Fetish World into your life, because  it’s always been an integral part of you and it always will...

Her Loyalty,  Open mind and Honesty, will never pass by someone, who ever felt "empty" and maybe found himself lost or even rejected, surrounded by broken shards of imaginary happiness, without any support or simple understanding, just like being trapped, on the Island of hopeless illusions and useless dreams...

You are no longer a part of it, you are not alone! 

Let's find your Kink!